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The 28th edition of the IEEE International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA 2021) will be held virtually from 14th of September – 13th of October. IPFA will continue to focus on the fundamental understanding of the electrical and physical characterization techniques and associated technologies that assist in probing the nature of wear-out and failure in conventional and new CMOS devices, in turn resulting in improved knowhow of the physics of device / circuit / module failure that serves as critical input for future design for reliability. We are also soliciting submissions in new and upcoming areas of research that include failure analysis for hardware security, reliability and failure analysis of power electronics, PV technologies as well as 2D Nanodevices and applications of machine learning and AI to the field of failure analysis and reliability assessment.


IPFA 2021 – 28th International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits

Dates: 14th of September – 13th of October

Happening Virtually at https://ipfa2021.vfairs.com/


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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker 1: Professor Muhammad Mustafa Hussain

Keynote Topic: Anomalous Mechanical Deformation – New Variable in Reliability for Flexible and Stretchable CMOS Electronics We are embarking on a future where ubiquitous electronics are deployable anywhere and seamlessly connectivity will be a reality. One of the key aspects of such electronics will be physical flexibility and stretchability. Since conventional complementary metal oxide semiconductor…

Keynote Speaker 2: Noah Lassar

Keynote Topic: Reliability Insights from 25 Million Fully Autonomous Miles The Waymo Driver, now in its fifth generation, has been gaining experience over more than 10 years and 25 million fully autonomous miles. In this talk, you will learn how the program started, how we progressed with each generation of technology, and how we were…

Keynote Speaker 3: Professor Aaron Thean

Keynote Topic: What’s wrong with my chip? – Dr. AI, can you please diagnose? Integral to the success of the semiconductor industry in keeping up with Moore’s law is the importance of failure analysis. However, locating defects among tens of billions of transistors packed in the tiny modern microchip is not a trivial task. Not…

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