Failure Analysis Technology Roadmap

EDFAS FA Technology Roadmap Introduction

The FA Technology Roadmap initiative, which is driven by ASM’s Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society (EDFAS) Society, is actively involved to identify the longer-term needs and gaps of failure analysis methods and equipment related to new trends in semiconductor device manufacturing. The purpose of the FA Technology Roadmap is to leverage on the technical expertise captured throughout the industry to identify both current and future FA challenges and to serve as an international technical platform for the failure analysis community. The goal is to bridge existing and upcoming gaps by leveraging both the expertise of equipment providers and the research conducted in academic labs. The FA Technology Roadmap Committee recognizes the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing between equipment providers, academic labs, and other stakeholders in the FA industry. By working together, we aim to drive advancements and improvements in FA techniques, tools and workflows.


FA Technology Roadmap @ IPFA 2024

In previous IPFA held in Singapore, the FA Roadmap overview was presented. For 2024, current and future FA challenges summary will be shared by each council. This is the outcome of conducting an industry-wide gap analysis, which helped in mapping out the areas that require further attention and improvements. Another focus would be on the vendor’s and lab’s responses to the industry-wide gap analysis survey. The committee is actively seeking inputs and feedback from equipment providers to gain insights into their perspectives on the identified gaps. This will enable the committee to gather valuable information on potential solutions and innovations that can address the challenges faced by the industry. The agenda of the IPFA 2024 special session is detailed below.


Special Survey: Be part of the conversation and contribute to the FA Roadmap

We kindly invite you to participate in a brief survey designed to gather essential insights from our community and our vendors. This survey aims to better understand the evolving landscape of our industry, gather feedback on our current processes, and identify potential areas of improvement that align with your needs and expectations.

Please visit to learn more about the work of the FA Technology Roadmap Committee and to take the survey(s) that best align with your area of focus.


Agenda for EDFAS FA Roadmap Special Session @ IPFA 2024 

  • Introduction & Overview of the FA Roadmap Initiative
  • Roadmap Gaps and Findings presentation by Council Chairs
    • Die Level Roadmap Council
    • Package Level Roadmap Council
  • Vendors / Academia / Research Institute Response
  • Q & A and feedback from the audience