Tutorial Speakers

Dr. Jim Vickers

Three decades of IC-Probing Technology: The Great Loop from E-beam Methods to Optical Methods and back to E-beam Methods

Thermofisher Scientific, USA

Integrated Circuit (IC) design has always been a complex process, whether designing sixteen transistors onto the first logic chip in 1964, two thousand transistors onto the first microprocessor in 1971, or over one hundred billion transistors on recent microprocessors.
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Dr. Michael Khazhinsky

ESD and Latch-up Design Verification. How Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Helps to Avoid and Solve Product Problems

Silicon Labs, USA

The verification of ESD protection networks in modern integrated circuits is a difficult challenge due to increasing design and process complexity, higher-pin counts and the overall computational difficulties in dealing with large data sets.
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Dr. Sebastian Brand

Exploring High-Resolution Non-Destructive Defect Localization and Signal Processing Advances in Microelectronics Failure Analysis

Fraunhofer IWMS, Germany

Novel innovative microelectronics technologies require highly sensitive defect detection and precise localization procedures during development and production to ensure robustness and reliability.
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Dr. Yan Li

Advanced Packaging technologies for chiplet and memory integration

Samsung Semiconductor Inc., USA

To meet the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) market demands of ever higher performance, lower power consumption, wider memory bandwidth with reduced latency, the interconnects connecting chiplet Die to Die (D2D) in advanced packages are getting ever smaller with tighter bump pitch.
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Professor Fei Hui

Reliability study of 2D material and its-based memory devices for future technology nodes

Zhengzhou University, China

The reliability studies of 2D materials and their-based memory devices for future technology nodes are crucial for ensuring their long-term performance and viability in next-generation memory technologies.
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Professor Cristian Zambelli

A cross-layer assessment of Emerging memories reliability

University of Ferrara, Italy

Emerging memory technologies such as Resistive Switching Memories (RRAM), Phase Change Memory (PCM), and Magnetic RAM (MRAM) are disrupting the storage hierarchy by offering performance metrics at the intersection of the volatile and the non-volatile domains.
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Professor Enrico Zanoni

GaN devices, technology, characterization, reliability challenges and future prospects

University of Padova, Italy

This tutorial will present and discuss recent results concerning deep levels effects and reliability of GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors for microwave and power switching applications.
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Professor Michel Bosman

The relevance of Aberration-Corrected STEM for IC Failure Analysis

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Aberration-corrected STEM is the highest-resolution microscopy technique. Imaging samples with sub-Angstrom resolution has become routine, also on cross-sectional device samples. We are of course familiar with TEM, which is powerful for visualizing the dimensions and local crystal structure. STEM can do the same, but much more as well.
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